Carly Kiss Age: 24

Location: Melbourne


  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Gender: Heterosexual
  • Height: 5' 4'' / 165cm
  • Bust Size: E+
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Body Type: Slim

About Me

Take a look a close look at Carly. Young, gorgeous, sexy, lusty, sensual. She might seem obvious at first. But she's not. You might think you have a handle on her, just to discover another version below the surface.
Carly has a bag of tricks and an array of moves worthy of any adept, but a directness and simplicity that disarms even the most seasoned audience. She is the perfect GFE package, but can unleash PSE moves that make a veteran blush.
To look at she’s a hot inked-up, pneumatic sex kitten, with curves that can only be poured into a tight dress, but take the time to converse with her and you will discover a genuine warmth and wit that could break the ice at even the wankiest dinner party.
To touch she has the hard lines of an impeccable physique, the perfectly rounded curves of a classic pin up beauty and the soft surfaces of a goddess so inviting you’ll want to bury yourself in her for days. She is industrious, creative and playful, but most of all languidly sensual.
Given her choice she would burrow under the covers, spoil her lover, hide from the world and bliss out for as long as possible. And for those fortunate and smart enough to play with her, she is a delight. Her lovemaking is passionate and intense, but light and breezy. She is committed to your pleasure without any need for external validation. Every sensual moment is perfect in its own right. And every sexual experience is an opportunity to give pleasure and to learn about it. Her sweetness, generosity and sensuality are matched only by her wanton appetites and a willingness to be taken and ravaged with as much passion as any paperback heroine.
In short, It only takes one look at Carly's beauty to determine her pure sexuality and willingness to please. Look a little closer and her layers will open up to you. Mysteries will be revealed, puzzles solved. Each revelation a delight of discovery and pleasure …
And then the next time, you will see her all over again in a new light. So take a close look.
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