Awaken with the Selfcare Goddess
Age: 40

Location: Brisbane Phone: 0401175077


  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Height: 155
  • Dress Size: 12
  • Bust Size: D
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Body Type: Curvaceous
  • Language: English

About Me

If you are seeking Sensual and Erotic Relaxation, Experiential Healing, Self Discovery & Real Sex Education you're in the right place...


I work with you to create the perfect session that’s the right fit for you...


Imagine how your love life could expand if you spent some time learning about intimacy, sensuality, touch, arousal, sensory, self pleasure, yourself and how your partners mind and body works. Imagine what it would be like being a confident lover.


Hi... I'm an Australian professional woman who with a combination of life experience and a deep understanding of the psychology and anatomy of both women and men provides an elite, boutique and decadent relaxed and learning experience. Having had 10 years as a tantric practitioner, intimacy and relationship coach, cuddle therapist and recently certified sexological bodyworker I am very sought after for my expertise and ability to accept and understand people's eroticism, lack of confidence and anything to do with their relationship or sexual self.


The educational bodywork sessions are individualised and intended to be for training, learning of finding the type of pleasure you are seeking in your life. Together we create the content based on your request at the time of your treatment, where I can assess the best pathway to suit your needs, feelings and desires in the moment. 


I teach many topics like how to totally turn your partner on with easy to learn techniques on arousal, pleasure, orgasm, anatomy, intimacy & connection through intentional touch, breathwork and mindfulness techniques.


I can also support men with clinical concerns like; premature ejaculation, porn addiction, reviving masturbation, numbing out, maintaining an erection and any intimate issues you may be experiencing. 


Let's face it most of us got our sex education from school, friends, porn or the internet - there's not much out there to teach us hands on learning that really works.


Imagine if you could explore beyond bumping genitals and welcome connection, intimacy and deeper states of pleasure into your life.

There’s so much more to it than what we got taught, sex, orgasms and vaginas are not regular conversations we engage in with our friends, family or workmates and sadly they are often not even the kinds of conversations we have with our lovers.


This is why I've  

created these sessions to give you practical information and magical skills you can use immediately and with great confidence. 


What you can get out of these sessions.

You can learn how to navigate a woman’s body inside and out - better than most women do!
You can learn how to communicate and become a more confident lover and partner.
Learn how to set up a safe space to allow her to completely surrender
Learn how to hold space and nurture her through pain or upsets
You can open to new levels of erotic exploration.
You can gain a greater understanding and appreciation for women and how they function.
You can learn how to give your partner (or future partner) a full body erotic sensual full body rub. 
You can ask the questions you've always wanted to ask about sexuality and intimacy without embarrassment.


Sessions can be for one or two hours and are tailor made to meet your level of curiosity, enquiry and learning requirements. 


Fees and services:

Cuddle Therapy 1hr -$100

Tantric Sensual Bodywork 1hr - $150

Tantric Tuition- Hands on Education 1hr $200


Professional Sexological Bodywork 1hr - $150

Some sessions can be done over the phone or on FaceTime especially for Sexological Bodywork and intimacy coaching

Location : Loganholme

I'm located tranquil, discrete and semi commercial property at Loganholme

That feels like you're stepping into Bali.

Clean, air conditioned:heated private studio.


Hours :

7am- 7pm mon-Tue-Wed-Thur-Sun


SMS : 0401175077


-I prefer to discuss your individual requirements at your session

-I work at your comfort level

-Sessions can be hands on - fully interactive or done with industry tools

-I will work at your pace on what you want to learn

-Yes I work with men, women and or couples

-Yes I welcome all walks of life and I don't discriminate


Please note - This is not a sex service - it is for genuine, mature and conscious individuals who want to experience more pleasure, sensation and joy in their life.





  • Erotic sensual massage

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